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Digital Collections


Once digitalized, we offer selected audio documents, photographs, drawings... that are extremely useful to professionals and students, and are also highly attractive to all enthusiasts of the performing arts. These collections are avaible to be borrowed by our users.


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The more than a hundred sound cards collected here, wish to pay tribute to the magnificent generations of actors who filled our stages  from the sixties up to the eighties (María Guerrero, Comedia, Español, Zarzuela, Corral de Almagro…).

This is all because, together with many fragments of stage memorabilia, the CDT collections have preserved the sound recordings of almost two hundred of the best theatre performances and over a thousand voices of actors, who form a fundamental part of the history of our stage and its professionals. It aims to be the start of a great Audio Library of Spanish theatre, becoming not only a compilation of emotions for enthusiasts or an excellent teaching tool of our language, but also a heritage for budding actors or other professionals, who can use and enjoy a magnificent source of interpretation.

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A multitude of magazines and daily press from the 20th century made us experience the precision of photographs with the agile stroke of cartoonists. This led to the magnificent selection of cartoons presented in this collection which covers a period of our history (1939-1965), marked by many shortages, but also with lifesaving wit and humour. Cartoonists of that time, together with the critics and gossip columnists, formed a shared universe, in which the misery of many was mixed with the professional brilliance of not just a few. Some are well known (Fresno, Ugalde, Bon...) and others not so much, but they all attended premiere performances, and then exercised their art in nearby cafes concisely and with enviable speed.

Readers later become more eager than ever to receive news on performing arts. They may or may not have read the stage article, but they all looked at this flash of humour and intelligence provided by Cronos, Dávila, del Arco, Ramón or Asirio. It was their greatest triumph, knowing that by taking apart celebrities (Jardiel, Benavente, Celia Gámez, Rafael Rivelles, or Lola Flores), these were taken off their pedestal to be at the same level as enthusiasts.


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