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Memories of a century of theatre

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For decades, the CDT archives have had a wonderful. but little known "Theatre Collection of Selected Press of Madrid". This collection was compiled for nearly 50 years by an almost anonymous group of enthusiasts and scholars of the Madrid stage. In their efforts to preserve the memory of theatre, they partly anticipated the latest methods of documentary approach to performance.

The pages were traditionally mounted by the artisan author of the collections, and 52 volumes are now digitalised. By browsing the system or direct reading, researchers and enthusiasts can find a multitude of press cuttings, graphic illustrations and an endless number of typed of hand-written notes. These help them to accurately outline, and also enjoy, the background of theatre (performers, companies, premieres, venues, performances...) in Madrid from the mid-19th century to 1955.A complete tableau to frame the Memories of a century of theatre.

In this digital version, the Memories of a century of theatre collection has 52 volumes and thousands of pages, which brings together in a serialised collection, a multitude of press material (reviews, illustrations, programmes) and written notes, to bring researchers and enthusiasts closer to the performing arts of Madrid, from the second half of the 19th century to mid-20th century.

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