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Theatre in the classroom


fotoCitaNueva.jpg   My profession consists of telling stories to others… If there were no human beings near me, I would tell them to bits of wood, shreds of fabric, paper cuttings, tin or with anything that was in the world. If there was nothing, I would tell them out loud.
    Giorgio Strehler (Un Theatre pour la vie)


Theme channels aspiring to be an open communication channel in which reflection, exchanging glances and experiences  invites you to critically approach an aspect, a subject, an important topic within stage reality. A space that comes into being with the prospect of permanence, but also of change: it is seen as a mosaic of theme landscapes that are modelled over time.

Interviews, documents, reports, experiences, information…, will be the facets of each of these stage topics: at the moment, Miradas offers different materials to reflect on; Galería enables you to revise documents in order to better assess the situation and context; Aula abierta includes and offers useful proposals to sow the seed for the future of our stage.


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Ofrecemos la mirada de los protagonistas: profesionales del teatro para jóvenes, de la docencia de artes escénicas, así como de varios grupos de adolescentes. Seleccionamos cerca de treinta grabaciones en vídeo de representaciones teatrales hechas tanto por profesionales como por estudiantes de secundaria, que pueden orientar sobre las formas actuales del teatro para jóvenes.

Y entramos esta vez en dos aulas abiertas: la del Centro Educativo Gençana, una propuesta multidisciplinar que incluye a toda la comunidad educativa, y los Premios Buero de Teatro Joven, una experiencia de ámbito nacional en la que participan cientos de institutos de secundaria.

Abrir Ver, hacer teatro

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We offer you,  the leading players: authors, teachers and students, on how to start reading theatre works and writing for young people. We select around forty books that can help those starting on this path to find attractive ways of taking their first steps. And through videos and written summaries, we enter the open classroom organized by the AAT with professional authors and secondary education students; we also publish some theatre texts written by students during this experience.

Open Leer, escribir teatro


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In the section “Miradas la voz de los profesionales” we find: associations, festivals, companies, authors, to reflect on the specific features of theatre for children. The videos of twenty-five fragments of performances staged in recent years, provide a panorama of today’s creation in Spain. And we close this Channel with an educational proposal to be done at school.

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