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In view of the nature of its collections, work of the Theatre Documentation Centre has always been linked to research developed in university environments. offers two reference publications for researchers, not only as vehicles to show the immense documentary collections of the CDT, but also as generators of new contents to study.

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Documentation and research shake hands in Don Galán; the theatre research magazine by the CDT, which includes articles by well-known researchers and covers a range of graphic and audiovisual documents, the majority from the CDT collections which is where the peculiar attribute of the magazine lies.

Each issue is based around a monographic topic; there are also sections devoted to bibliographic reviews, analysis of theatre shows, interviews, dates in history, etc.

Open Don Galán


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The CDT presents a research project that seeks innovation in its format and contents: thousands of digitalized documents (press, photos, videos, posters…) arranged in sections for easy access to accurately and attractively unfold the history of our theatre over the past seventy years.

Documents for the History of Spanish theatre is a research project which wishes to bring together all theatre lovers, and of course, researchers, students and scholars, who will find necessary details for their works, and also past and present professionals of the stage, who will find, step by step, the immediate historical roots of their profession, similarly to journalists and critics, who will obtain reliable sources for their work. Without forgetting theatre lovers, who will find the footprint of so many legendary names, and so many anecdotes instilled in memories, just like an old family photo album,

Open Documentos para la Historia del Teatro Español

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A wide range of dissertations published in Internet, arranged by place and topic, which can be consulted as a complete text.


Open Online Thesis

Document Actions

Digital Collections

We offer three collections of documents, audios, cartoons and photographs, which are useful to professionals and students, and are also highly attractive to all enthusiasts of the performing arts.

Theatre for you

A flexible, dynamic and attractive product where various educational tools are found, devoted to the study of works included in the syllabus of secondary education.

Documents for the History of Spanish Theatre

The CDT presents a research project that seeks innovation in its format and contents: thousands of digitalized documents (press, photos, videos, posters...) organized in sections for easier access.

Digital Magazine Scene

A synthesis of the multiple realities of performing arts in our country. A reality contained in cards, photographs, texts, links and audiovisual documents which are the result of hundreds of hours of recording to capture the Spanish theatre scene.