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Loan of books and bibliographic assessment

- Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 – loan of books and bibliographic assessment previously requested by email ( or on the phone 34 91 353 39 41.

- Due to the current health situation and the existence of two different storing places we highly recommend the users to, within the prior 24 hours, make a request by email ( with the subject: “REQUEST OF BOOKS”. CDAEM’s staff will give an appointment to the users who have previously requested materials by email to collect them.

- The materials will be collected and returned at the security service desk located at the entrance door. We kindly beg the users to follow the indications of the security personnel and respect all prevention measures issued by the health authorities.

Research room

- Audiovisual recordings as well as electronic catalogs and publications can be consulted in the public computers at a maximum of 75% of the capacity of the room. The user needs to previously request it by writing an email to with the subject “USE OF RESEARCH ROOM” to organize the space and guarantee the personal attention on the day and hour appointed. 

Interlibrary loan.

- Interlibrary loan will be only carried out (included the loan to entities, bodies and institutions for cultural activities) within the same territorial unit. However, those procedures liable to be carried out in a telematic manner or destined to the future physical reception of the interlibrary loan will not be suspended, regardless the territory..

All face-to-face services requested personally or by previous appointment will be processed strictly by order of arrival.

The users who wish to personally visit the CDAEM’s offices must wear a mask and follow the preventive indications suggested by the CDAEM’s staff or the security personnel.



There are two lending methods:

- Online lending of videos (TEATROTECA)

- Document lending (books and digital resources, including audiovisual recordings).

If you wish to register as an user of the CDAEM, click here, fill in the form and send it.


All Spanish citizens and foreigners (with ID or passport no. and over 18 years) interested in the performing arts can access the lending services of online videos (Teatroteca).


Teachers, university students, professionals and researchers of the performing arts can access the service of document lending (books, electronic resources or DVD recordings, as well as online lending –Teatroteca-).

Due to the high number of petitions of loans of the Teatroteca during the confinement we would like to inform you that during the state of alarm we set in motion the campaign 1/1/1: each user, regardless his type of user, we will be able to borrow a video for a day from the Teatroteca’s catalog. Once it is returned, such user we will be able to do a new loan.
- Registration as a general user

This type of user can access the Teatroteca and borrow books, electronic resources and DVD recordings, according to the following conditions:

  1. - 2 books + digital resources and 2 DVD
  2. - For a 15-day period (with an optional 7-day extension period)
  3. - Access to the Teatroteca (3 videos for a 5-day period).
- Registration as a professional or researcher

This type of user can access the Teatroteca and borrow books, electronic resources and DVD recordings, according to the following conditions:

  1. - 4 books + digital resources and 4 DVD 
  2. - For a 30-day period (with an optional extension period of 15 days)
  3. - Access the Teatroteca (3 videos for 5 days).

CDAEM's library offers another libraries documents of its collection upon request by using the interlibrary loan service.


CDAEM cooperates in exhibitions organized by other institutions by temporarily lending items of its collection. This temporary loan is subject to criteria that ensure the compliance with the standards established in the Law of Intelectual Property as well as the safety and integrity of the documents.

Lending policy

Magazines, old books (until 1957), reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.), as well as documents such as photos, programs, posters, dossiers and audios cannot be borrowed (with the exception of loans to entities for temporary exhibitions or similar events) and can only be studied at the research room.

Document reservation

Reservations can be made for a maximum of 5 working days. After that time if the material is not collected nor is a bank receipt sent for a mail delivery, such material will be available for other customers.

Collection and return of documents

Collection of documents can be made in any of the following ways:
  • - Personally visiting the headquarters of the CDAEM.
  • - By registered mail, having the user previously made a deposit in the INAEM’s bank account (BBVA 0182 2370 40 0200201218), indicating the concept “Document delivery” and sending the bank receipt by email, fax or mail.
  • - Using a courier that will be paid by the user.

The return of the material can be made either in person or by registered mail.


New requests will not be attended if documents are not returned.
Persistent delays in the return of documents will result in the exclusion from the lending service.
In case of loss or damage of the document, the user will have to restore it with a new identical or similar one.


At the moment of the collection of the documents, the user is committed not to make any reproduction of them by any digital or electronic means and not to use them for profit or for a public exhibition.

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