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Through Revista Digital de la Escena , the Theatre Documentation Centre offers a synthesis of the multiple reality of stage in our country. A reality contained in records, photographs, texts, links and audiovisual documents that form a summary of hundreds of hours of recording to broadly express the panorama of Spanish theatre.



Between 2006 and 2009 , the Theatre Documentation Centre published four issues of the Revista Digital de la Escena in DVD-rom.

2010 meant the transformation of Revista Digital de la Escena , with a fully renewed format for each web browser. Here we offer the “still photo” of the magazine, which was renewed throughout last year.

RDE 2010
RDE 2011
RDE 2012
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RDE 2015



Each year the RDE opens its contents with an extensive report, which aims to showcase an outstanding aspect of our stage.  A Debate offers a report which makes an in-depth analysis of our performing arts. In recent years, for example, a panorama of circus has been observed in Spain, or the relation between theatre and disability, the relation which keeps the world of performing arts on this new game board, namely internet…


The section Con acento focuses on news and events that have occurred over the year. It is a space to reflect the important dates in history, to remember and say farewell to professionals of the stage, recuperating their work and images; we list some of the most prominent awards given during the year, stopping on some of those awarded to great figures to assess their career, and we report on the outstanding events over the year.


El altavoz provides its own voice to our stage through interviews with professionals and the analysis of critics.


The section Cartelera gives a selection of almost a hundred shows, with full information on each one, plus photographs and fragments of video. In total, almost two hours of video images and around one thousand photographs. This selection of a hundred shows –in Spain over one thousand shows open each year- is made with the aim of showing all genres and the widest panorama possible of what is done in Spain, of shows from which it is possible to provide quality images and an extensive reflection in the media.

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Document Actions

Digital Collections

We offer three collections of documents, audios, cartoons and photographs, which are useful to professionals and students, and are also highly attractive to all enthusiasts of the performing arts.

Theatre for you

A flexible, dynamic and attractive product where various educational tools are found, devoted to the study of works included in the syllabus of secondary education.

Documents for the History of Spanish Theatre

The CDT presents a research project that seeks innovation in its format and contents: thousands of digitalized documents (press, photos, videos, posters...) organized in sections for easier access.